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Homeowners enjoy lower power bills and saving planet. Thanks to the clean efficiency of Mint Power Solar energy..



Mint Power Solar is a subsidiary of Mint Loop, Inc.. Mint Power Solar handles the dealership of solar panel installations and leases. Mint Power Solar helps clients to choose what plan is appropriate for their energy needs, where they can save and at the same time maximize the efficiency of the solar available in their area.


Mint Power Solar is affiliated with Sun Power and Solar City, major solar power providers in the nation. Mint Power Solar carefully selected these companies to partner with to provide solid and economical solutions to every household. With Mint Power Solar, our client satisfaction is our top priority.


Mint Power Solar welcomes partners to refer friends to us. We offer $200 for every referral. On top, we also welcome people wanting to do the business with us. Call us NOW and learn how we can grow in the Solar Industry!


Homeowners Enjoying LOWER Power Bills And Saving the Planet!

It's true! There is a way you can LOWER your electricity bill and save the planet, too. It's possible thanks to the clean efficiency of Mint Power Solar Energy.

In fact, Mint Power Solar offers $0 money down options that have the potential to eliminate your power bills completely. Sometimes, your solar panels capture more energy than you need, allowing you to potentially SELL that extra energy for income!

Benefits of Solar Panels

Besides the tax breaks and government incentives for switching to clean energy, an average of 8,860 kilowatt hours annually in production has netted $2,319 in Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) income.

Also, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (advocates for science, a health planet, and safer world), major environmental concerns like: global warming, air and water pollution, and excessive water consumption would improve exponentially by converting to solar energy.

It's time!

It's time to let Mint Power Solar improve your quality of life. The technology is available, affordable and sustainable. We even offer 20-year warranty. This means there's virtually NO RISK in getting started and savings start immediately upon installation!


ZERO Cost Home Solar

Finally, at Mint Power Solar, the sun power that has been transforming the energy for big businesses can now be delivered right to your home with ZERO downpayment!

Increase Your Home Value

With our Mint Power Solar Energy System, you could improve your home's value with no money down. Boost your equity and save money at the same time!

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